TZ250E For Sale

Regretfully, I must part with my 1978 Yamaha TZ250E Formula 2 race bike.

It is currently sitting as put away from the last time it was ridden approximately 7 years ago.

It is currently fitted with G barrels and pipes. I have E and F barrels for it and the original E pipes.

I am not sure how much to ask for it, please make an offer.

It is able to be titled and registered for on the street.

You can contact me here

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TZ250E Project

I have a 1978 TZ250E

It is a Yamaha formula 2 racing motorcycle. It has been ridden hard over the years and it has somewhat of a racing pedigree from here in the northwest. Bruce Lind originally purchased it from Yamaha. I have the tuning notes for racing it at Daytona and other tracks of note. Bruce sold the bike to Mike Sullivan who raced it for a few years. Mike Sullivan sold it to Ray Doane who managed to break a few bones racing it for a few years. I purchased it from Ray Doane about 1987.

I never transferred title to it because I did not want to lose the title in Mike Sullivan’s name.

Here is my dilemma. The motorcycle has a racing heritage with a couple ow well known riders here in the northwest.

  • Do I keep it as a racebike?
  • Do I restore it as a racebike? 
  • Do I convert it for street use?

What would you do?



A Little bit about Mike Sullivan is here:

A Little bit about Bruce Lind is here: