I like to work on and photograph pretty shiny things. I recently relocated to Camano Island, WA.

I have been involved in the telecommunications industry for 30 years and I want to essentially retire from “work” and do something I am passionate about which is photography.
My photography passions are in photographing machines and machinery.
I am pursuing either a staff photographer position for a company or to do contract work for a few different companies.
I am ready to leave the previous world behind and pursue photography full-time, where my passions are visible to others and tell stories through my artistic lenses.

I am proficient in film and digital photography with strengths in natural light and outdoor work. I am very comfortable and experienced shooting in studio with artificial light.
I am proficient with the Adobe creative suite, primarily Photoshop and Premier Pro.
Over the years I have taught photography workshops in my specialties of photographing outdoors in natural light and photographing airplanes, motorcycles, cars, and machinery.
My personal equipment is Nikon for digital and 35mm film and Mamiya for medium format film. I also dabble with older and antique cameras.

If you would like your pretty shiny things photographed please contact me.