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Motorcycle Races at Seattle, August 27, 2016

I was doing a lot better for the races on this Saturday. The last few races before I had not been feeling well. I think I am getting back in the saddle.

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Motorcycle Races May 29, 2016

The WMRRA Motorcycle races were at the Ridge Motorsports park this weekend. I was only able to attend one day.
I took it pretty easy and just played spectator for the most part. I did get a few pictures though.
If you want to see the full set, send a message to me.

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WMRRA Motorcycle Races for 07/19/2015

I really did not spend much time taking pictures this day, preferring to hang out with Dave of SpeedDealer Motors.


The gallery of all the good and bad is here


The Mechanophelia / SpeedDealer Girls

Meet Xesia and Karleena, the Mechanophelia / SpeedDealer girls at the races last weekend.
They will be attending more races this year, and are available for promotional work for your race team or your shop.

As before, if you are one of the people we shot with your bikes or in your paddock, contact me for access to the full gallery

Motorcycle Races 2014-04-27

The WMRRA Motorcycle Races at The Ridge Motorsports park, Photographed by Patrick and Connor. The images that start with AP1 are from Patrick and the images that start with PCA are from Connor.