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TZ250E For Sale

Regretfully, I must part with my 1978 Yamaha TZ250E Formula 2 race bike.

It is currently sitting as put away from the last time it was ridden approximately 7 years ago.

It is currently fitted with G barrels and pipes. I have E and F barrels for it and the original E pipes.

I am not sure how much to ask for it, please make an offer.

It is able to be titled and registered for on the street.

You can contact me here

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Speed Dealer Racers and Customers

Dave at SpeedDealer Motors has been extremely supportive of me over the years.

If you are a regular customer and have his decals on your motorcycle you are more likely to be photographed.

If you are a regular customer of SpeedDealer consider any photographs I get of you as a fringe benefit of doing business with Dave.

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Motorcycle Races at Seattle, August 27, 2016

I was doing a lot better for the races on this Saturday. The last few races before I had not been feeling well. I think I am getting back in the saddle.

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Motorcycle Races May 29, 2016

The WMRRA Motorcycle races were at the Ridge Motorsports park this weekend. I was only able to attend one day.
I took it pretty easy and just played spectator for the most part. I did get a few pictures though.
If you want to see the full set, send a message to me.

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